Thursday, June 29, 2017

Young Lives Camp 2017

 This little chunk is Angel.  I got to hang out with him for 5 days while his mommy got to be a teen for a while and hear the good news of Jesus love.  This last weekend I was serving as a nursery leader at Young Life's Woodleaf camp in the foothills of the sierra's.  My nursery was the 17 - 22 month olds and I had 13 kiddos in there with 11 childcare helpers.  It was crazy and wonderful all at the same time.  All except for the lice outbreak - that was not wonderful.  (I'm all clear)
looking out at camp from the dinning hall

There were about 70 babies, 60 mommies, 56 childcare workers and a bunch of leaders at camp this week.  Yesterday, the last day of camp, we were all in the club room for "say so" where the girls stood up and said if they had made a decision to follow Jesus that week.  About 42 girls stood up!  It made all the long, hard hours worth it.

I'm excited to go back next year!  Maybe you'll consider joining me... :)

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