Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Maiden's Visit

This Saturday Kyla performed in her 3rd year of "The Maiden's Visit" ballet!  This year was especially fun because two of her closest friends were in it with her.  Kyla was a pixie, a bat, and the front legs of Olaf the Ox!  Everyone did a wonderful job and it was a beautiful show!
Kyla the bat, Rebeca the jr. fairy, Daniela the pixie!
Kyla and Daniela - the front and back legs of Olaf!
My 3 ballerinas after the show
With moms - we worked hard as stage crew too!
On Sunday after church we went for a hike at Castle Rock State Park.  Great views and neat rock formations.

In other news: Zac and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this last week!  I think we get better every year ;)

Next weekend: Father's Day Camping!

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