Sunday, May 14, 2017

A 5K Run, Cultural Night, Mother's Day and the Flu!

Beware!  The Vawter's have the flu!  It started with Keanan on Thursday night, hit Kyla and I on Saturday afternoon, and as I type this Zac is about to puke.  Of course we had a lot going on this weekend that has been all messed up.

Saturday morning was the Run for Life fundraiser for Real Options.  Since Keanan was still recovering, he sat out and cheered Zac, Kyla and I on.  Kyla did amazing and ran all 3.1 miles!
After the race!
We got home from the race and then Kyla had ballet rehearsal.  It was in the car on the way home that she puked.  Then I started to feel it.  We were so bummed because our homeschool groups cultural fair was Saturday evening!  We had spent all week studying Denmark, making a display board, and baking Danish dream cake.  Our friends came to pick up our stuff, and this is what Kyla and I did for the rest of the evening:
Friends set up our display at the Cultural Night
Our Danish Kringe (thanks, Trader Joes) and Danish dream cake
We did not make it to church for Mother's Day and have been lying around the house.  Please pray for healing!

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