Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Horse Classes for Kyla

On Saturday morning Kyla finished the four "basic horsemanship" classes that we gave her for her birthday.  This last class was definitely her favorite - a riding lesson!  She's had a lot of fun these last four weeks, and it was especially neat to take the classes with her friend Zoe.
learning how to halter and lead at one of the previous classes
on Shasta
walking Shasta
Here's a video of Kyla trotting on Shasta - this was her favorite part!
Unfortunately, the kids are sick with colds.  Keanan is at the end of it, but Kyla is right in the middle.  This meant the rest of the weekend was spent tinkering around the house.  On a positive note, we did get the trailer ready to go camping next weekend and Keanan and I landscaped the front yard in bark!
It looks a million times better!!  Roses, Irises, and poppies are all blooming.
Happy last week of April!

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