Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Science & Art Fair

Sunday was the annual BACH (Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers) Science and Art Fair!  Keanan and Kyla participated in both and did a great job presenting to the audience.  Keanan's science project was on electromagnets (how current and voltage effect strength).  Kyla's project was on copperplating (how copper ions are transferred from a copper wire to an iron nail).
Keanan presenting
Kyla presenting
Art Fair and Science Fair participants
On Saturday we got a short hike in at Anderson Lake county park.  It is this reservoir that caused all the flooding in San Jose two weeks ago.  There was still a HUGE volume of water coming out of the lake - it was very impressive.
The roar of the water was SO loud!
This little trickle of a waterfall was raging two weeks ago as the water from the lake went over the spillway of the dam.
Spotted a turtle in the very murky, high creek waters.
Spring is here!  The garden is planted and flowers are blooming!  Next weekend we go to play in the snow!

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