Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Last YCL Competition

Saturday was the last of the 5 Youth Climbing League competitions that Keanan has competed in this season.  It was fun for all of us to go watch him climb in Santa Cruz.  He has definitely improved during his time participating in the league, but he still gets frustrated on the really tough routes.  We are proud of all his hard work this season!
After the competition we explored the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum, which was really neat.  They also had a whale statue to climb on.

On the way home we stopped for Chinese food - yummy!  Since we are studying countries and cultures this year in school, we have made a point of eating the food from each country we "visit".  Right now we are in China, soon to be moving to Japan.  We've enjoyed Indian, Middle Eastern, French, German, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Canadian (maple syrup!), and Nicaraguan (while there!).  There is pretty much a restaurant for every country represented in the bay area.

Most of Sunday after church was spent working on science fair projects, since the science and art fairs are next weekend!

Sunday night was a rock climbing team family potluck at Planet Granite.  It was fun to see the other kids and families of the team members, and there was lots of good food!
Keanan and his friend Aditya playing a game of wall twister

One other exciting thing from our week was how were are celebrating Lent.

We are using the "Lenten Jesus Tree" to read a portion of the book of Matthew each day and follow Jesus' life to the cross and resurrection on Easter.  After we read, we glue on the circle for that day.  It's kind of like the Jesse tree that we use for Christmas.  It's a great way to focus on Jesus as we approach Easter.

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