Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Mission Springs Mother Daughter Weekend!

This weekend Kyla and I attended Mother Daughter Camp at Mission Springs - the area Covenant Church camp near Santa Cruz.  We went with a bunch of our homeschool friends: 6 moms and 10 girls total!  We had a great time with each other and with our friends.

Some of our highlights were the dance party (!!), zip line, high ropes course, climbing the rock wall, good food, great worship, a lovely speaker, a cabin full of friends, Kyla and I snuggling in our bunk, and the beautiful camp grounds.  Here's some pictures (I'll update with more later):
Hot cocoa and coffee in the morning
Awesome homeschoolers!
our cabin mates (minus the moms)
Kyla climbing up to the bridge!  She walked across it and then jumped off - fearless!
Spontaneous hair braiding - our 10 girls
Here's the video from the camp:
The boys had fun when we were gone too: nerf war at friends house, laser tag with friends, and a rock climbing tournament for Keanan on Sunday!

Happy early Valentine's Day!  God is Love

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