Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekend Adventures: Climbing, Weeds and Redwoods

We had a rain free weekend, which was a blessing especially to those around us affected by flooding and mudslides.  On Saturday Keanan and Zac headed south towards Monterrey Bay for the 4th rock climbing competition in the Youth Climbing League.  Afterwards they took a walk out to the ocean and played in the sand.
Keanan making a big stretch on the wall
para-gliders over the dunes
so. much. sand.
Kyla and I went to ballet, the farmers market, and then spent the afternoon getting the garden ready for planting next weekend!  It was a lot of work.
Ready for planting!  1 lonely bush of kale, arugula, and chard remain for green smoothies until the new greens come up.  Perennials are: parsley, chives, asparagus, raspberries, nasturtiums, artichoke, avocado, strawberries, and kumquat.
Clover enjoying a nap in the warm, dry kitchen.  It was so wet out earlier in the week that we let him come in.  He's my garden fertilizer producer :)
After church on Sunday we went up into the Santa Cruz mountains, braving road closures from the many mudslides, to look at a piece of property.  It was beautiful, with a cute creek!  We'll see...
Beautiful redwood grove on the property

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