Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prayer Requests - Nicaragua Trip

Many have asked "WHY are you going to Nicaragua?", so I thought I would answer that here.

The main purpose of our visit is these two beautiful kiddos:
Carlos is 8 and Maykelin is 6 (she has the EXACT same birthday as Kyla!)  We sponsor both of them through Compassion International and they attend the same Compassion Center in Managua, the capitol city of Nicaragua.  We are so excited to spend a day with them - meeting their families, visiting their houses, sharing a meal, seeing their school, and playing at a park.  Here's some info about Compassion's ministry in Managua:

To prepare for our trip we have taken a break from our normal homeschool curriculum (countries and cultures) to study Nicaragua - a perfect fit!  During our research we came across the video below.  A family of four recording a series of videos of their time in Nicaragua!  They did not just experience the tourist stuff though, they wanted to do something that mattered - telling the stories of people in need.  The kids and I watched the entire series in one sitting.  My heart was especially touched by a ministry called Beauty for Ashes (video below).  I sent a message and heard back right away from the founder, Kara.  She has invited us to see their work, take snack and clean water to the trash dump, meet the kids, do some house visits, play and share Jesus' love.  We are so excited to meet Kara and the people she loves so beautifully.
The rest of our time in Nica will be spent zip lining through the jungle (same spot as in the video!), boat rides, horseback rides to a cacao plantation, peering over the edge of an active volcano crater, hiking to a jungle waterfall, shopping a local markets, and relaxing in hammocks and pools.

How you can pray:
- That we all stay healthy, before and during our travels.
- For a great visit with Carlos and Maykelin.  We especially pray for Keanan and Kyla to connect with them.
- Open hearts and eyes to see what Jesus is doing out at the dump and through Beauty for Ashes.
- We all can appreciate and experience the Nica culture.
- No sunburns or bug bites, especially Kyla.
- We can all relax and have some great family adventures.
- We can be a blessing and connect with our AirBnB hosts.
- We will faithfully respond to however God moves our hearts.

Gracias!  ¡Hasta luego!

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  1. Wow! What a great trip! We will be praying for you guys.