Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Grandma and Grandpa Halloween Weekend!

We had such a great weekend, everyone was sad to see it end.  On Friday afternoon the kids and I picked up my parents from the airport!  Once Zac got home from Pittsburgh/work he and I escaped for a getaway weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We rented a cottage by a pond and had a wonderful time by ourselves.
Taking a walk around the pond.  Aren't we cute?!
We went to dinner in Santa Cruz at a restaurant called Chocolate!  SOOOO good!
In the meantime.... Keanan and Kyla were being spoiled by Grandma and Grandma.  Milk duds and popcorn for lunch while watching a movie at the theater, pumpkin carving, pizza down the street for dinner, cinnamon rolls for breakfast before church - hard life!
ready for the movie!
Pumpkins!  Grandpa's, Kyla's and Keanan's.  We woke up this morning to find them smashed across the street :(  Punk teenagers! 
this is what Grandma looks like when she's sewing - two glasses!  ;)
Zac and I came home Sunday afternoon and we all visited Nasa Ames Visitor's Center, had dinner and played a game before bed.  
Grandpa and Kyla are going into space!
We took Mom and Dad back to the airport yesterday morning.  Everybody was sad.  But we did have a fun Halloween dressing up and trick or treating.
A bunny, a pirate (of course), and Darth Vader!  I was also a pirate handing out glow sticks :)

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