Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

We had a great weekend visiting with friends and family in Washington!  I regret, however, that my camera is still not working so we only have a few shots from Zac's phone.  One fun thing about this trip is that I got to see all my grandparents!  My Grandma was up from Arkansas and we had a nice lunch with my other Grandma and Papa.  Other highlights were spending the night at the Ireland's, snuggling with my nephew Jackson who is the happiest baby on the planet, church at Crossroads, kittens, silly girl cousins playing dress-up, and yummy food!
A few princesses
cousin dog pile!

so much rain at the river, it was so high!
Sunday morning sunrise at the Ireland Cabin
Vawter's and Ireland's taking our normal front row seats at church
Kyla fell asleep with her tongue sticking out and then complained that it was tingling when she woke up!
Buttercup and Thistle Johnson (we came up with their names) 
We have so much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Adventures: A creek in the redwoods

This last Saturday we took a trip to a piece of property in the Santa Cruz mountains that is for sale.  Aside from the trash (looks like someone had been squatting there) it was a very beautiful 9 acres with a peaceful creek and towering redwoods.  We are praying and researching about what the wisest next step is...
This Sunday was Orphan Sunday at our church and I am in charge of the giving tree in partnership with Help One Child which serves foster kids and their families in our area.  I was so proud of our church body by taking every single ornament!  I had to request more for the people that didn't get to take one.  What a great way to share the love of Jesus this Holy-day season.
This was Sunday afternoon.  Rest day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Grandma and Grandpa Halloween Weekend!

We had such a great weekend, everyone was sad to see it end.  On Friday afternoon the kids and I picked up my parents from the airport!  Once Zac got home from Pittsburgh/work he and I escaped for a getaway weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We rented a cottage by a pond and had a wonderful time by ourselves.
Taking a walk around the pond.  Aren't we cute?!
We went to dinner in Santa Cruz at a restaurant called Chocolate!  SOOOO good!
In the meantime.... Keanan and Kyla were being spoiled by Grandma and Grandma.  Milk duds and popcorn for lunch while watching a movie at the theater, pumpkin carving, pizza down the street for dinner, cinnamon rolls for breakfast before church - hard life!
ready for the movie!
Pumpkins!  Grandpa's, Kyla's and Keanan's.  We woke up this morning to find them smashed across the street :(  Punk teenagers! 
this is what Grandma looks like when she's sewing - two glasses!  ;)
Zac and I came home Sunday afternoon and we all visited Nasa Ames Visitor's Center, had dinner and played a game before bed.  
Grandpa and Kyla are going into space!
We took Mom and Dad back to the airport yesterday morning.  Everybody was sad.  But we did have a fun Halloween dressing up and trick or treating.
A bunny, a pirate (of course), and Darth Vader!  I was also a pirate handing out glow sticks :)