Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Adventures: 4-H and Kayaking

This last weekend was 4-H Saturday for Kyla.  She is in 3 different projects for her 4-H club and they all meet once a month on the same Saturday: Spinning, Crocheting, and Rabbits.  After ballet and the farmers market, she and I had fun hanging out at the 4-H barn for her projects.  Since they are short on adult leaders, I am now the assistant project leader for fiber arts and rabbits!

While Kyla and I were gone most of the day, Zac and Keanan went on a kayak adventure.  They paddled along a slough up north and even went under highway 101!
After church on Sunday Zac and the kids helped some friends move while I had the afternoon off for "teacher inservice".  Next weekend: camping!
the kids were great helpers!

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