Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend: Camping, Caving, River Rafting!

We had a great long weekend camping with our friends, the Salterali's at Don Pedro Reservoir.  The campground wasn't anything special, but the kids had lots of fun running around.  They even spotted a baby rattlesnake (which Zac killed) and a tarantula!  On the last night there the three boys got to sleep in our little tent by themselves (a first for Keanan!).  Our A Frame trailer did great - I love it more and more as we use it.
playing at the campground 
Phin and Keanan battling with camping chairs on their heads.  8 year old boys are so weird
baby rattlesnake
the boys, all excited to sleep in the tent
About an hour north of the campground we spent the afternoon at natural bridge - a cave with a river flowing through it.  The cave is so big that you can actually swim through it!  All the boys and dad's made it through, and I did too!  It was SO cold in the cave, but warm out of it.
Natural bridge was a popular place
one end of the cave
Our main goal of the weekend was to go river rafting on the Stanislaus river.  It was so fun!  We all got soaking wet, paddled a lot, road the "rapids" (it was really tame), some of the brave ones jumped off a ledge into the river, Zac pushed me off the raft into the river (yep - the kids thought it was hilarious!), we stopped in the middle of the river to have lunch...great times!  Unfortunately, we have no pictures.  Water and cell phones don't mix.   Great Labor Day Weekend!
on the way home
A bonus from earlier this week: Kyla got her 4H hat and first year bar and pin!

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