Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Camping in Pismo Beach

We've been talking for awhile now (about 10 years!) about buying an A-frame pop up trailer to tow behind the Jeep.  Well, now is the time!  To celebrate Zac's company (Otto) being purchased by Uber this week (!!!! so good!!!!) Zac went out Friday morning and came home with our very own Forest River Rockwood A Frame!  We loaded it up and headed south to camp for the weekend at Pismo Beach!

Saturday was Zac's birthday!  He really wanted to rent a dune buggy and ride all over the sand dunes at Pismo - so that's what we did.  I made it for about 5 minutes in the dune buggy before I had Zac take me back to the car.  I couldn't handle the shaking, jarring, noise and speed - not my thing.  But he and the kids had a great time out in the dunes for about 2 hours!
Just outside the campground
Famous cinnamon rolls that our neighbors told us about
The Birthday Boy!
They loved it!
After checking out of the campground on Sunday morning we stopped at Smugglers Cave and Pirates Cove Beach for lunch.  The kids had lots of fun playing in the waves and sand.
View from Smugglers Cave
playing on the beach!
It was a great first trip in our trailer!  For more trailer pictures you can check out our listing on Outdoorsy!  We plan to rent the A Frame out when we are not using it

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