Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Camping in the Cricket and INSANE Jeeping!

We had a crazy, fun filled camping trip this weekend!  On Friday morning Zac picked up our rental trailer, a Cricket, from the owners in Mountain View through a company called Outdoorsy (like AirBnB for trailers!). We loaded it up and headed to the Sierras!  We camped at an amazingly beautiful campground in the high mountains, Union West.  Sweetest camp host and cleanest pit toilets I have ever seen!  The only bad part was the mosquitoes.
Jeep and the Cricket!
 On Saturday after breakfast we headed for the Jeep trails!  This was the reason we had come to this area.  The internet said the trail was pretty easy to do with a stock Jeep (which is what we have), with maybe a few technical parts.  This was true for the first half of Slick Rock Trail.  We stopped and had lunch by a stream, climbed around on the rocks - awesome.  HOWEVER, the 2nd half was CRAZY.  We kept going thinking that it couldn't be worse, the internet said a stock could do it right??  Oh my goodness.  It is such a good thing that Zac is an amazing trail driver (and I'm such a good spotter) or we would have seriously broken our Jeep.  As it was he had to be winched once and rocked off of being high centered twice.  The only damage we came home with has a bent driver side rocker bar!  Totally the grace of God right there.  The trail took 3 times as long as the internet said, so by the time we got out we were thirsty, dirty, hot and tired!  We all jumped in the lake and slept good!  Don't get me wrong - we loved it!  It was a combo of trails in Elbe Hills and rock crawling in Moab.  We just need to do a few modifications before we go out on a trail like that again!
Enjoying the mountain flowers growing out of the rock before things got crazy.
It's getting crazy!
This was what I did for the 2nd half of the trail.  Out in front spotting.
At one point, 2 wheels were in the air!
This was the craziest obstacle, and Zac did it without a winch!!  He was shocked!
On Sunday we went for a little hike around the lake, had lunch and headed for home.  The Cricket has been returned and we are thinking about the next trip!

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Ballet and a Baby!

We are so excited to welcome our newest nephew/cousin to the family this morning: Jackson Keller Lathrop!!!  Big congrats to my brother Mathew and wife Elizabeth!  I can not wait to snuggle him in 2 weeks and 2 days :)  Here's some pictures I've been sent today:
Jackson with big sister Aubrey!
Jackson with big sister Piper!
Proud Grandma! (my mom)
Big cousin Lucy and a very alert Jackson!
The big news from the weekend was The Maiden's Visit ballet!  Kyla was on stage 6 times in 3 different roles!  She did a great job and we are really proud of her.  I also continued as stage crew and the rolling rock this year :)  This is such a fabulous show and we hope to be involved for many years to come.
Ready to dance!
Kyla and Sarah  - the leaders of the little butterflies (that's my rock behind them)
Here is a video of the butterfly dance!  Kyla is in the middle of the little butterflies and then come to the front of the stage.
she's the cutest little bat!
big bat and little bat!  (they were the only two on stage for this part!)

We had a pretty relaxed Father's Day while Zac and Keanan worked on the new Jeep bumper after church.  We are going camping next weekend and towing a trailer!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Nisene Marks State Park

We had a great weekend with a trip to the trees on Sunday afternoon.  Nisene Marks State Park is just a little bit south of Santa Cruz.  After finding the creek we blazed our own trail and had a wonderful time hiking in it.  There was no one around and it was a beautiful day!
Saturday was spent at ballet rehearsal for Kyla.  The Maiden's Visit ballet is this Saturday!!  Keanan and Kyla also ran a lemonade stand and sold out in no time.  On Saturday evening our church had a kids night out!  This was perfect timing since Zac and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary on the 7th - date night!
Zac taking a picture of me taking a picture of him on our date :)
Me taking a picture of Zac taking a picture of me!
I finished crocheting Keanan a ghillie suit!  Now he needs to tie on the grass :)

Next week is the ballet and Father's Day!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Kayaking!

We had fun on Sunday after church with a little double kayak time at Shoreline Lake.  This was the kids first time in kayaks and they loved it.  Our friends the Hoffman's came out to join us too!
On Saturday Kyla had dress rehearsal for The Maiden's Visit ballet that is coming up in two weeks!  She has 3 different roles with 5 costume changes!   About two weeks ago there was a fire at the ballet studio which destroyed the building.  We were worried that the show would be canceled, but Ms. Donna is determined that "the show must go on!"  With help from the community, rehearsals are being held all over town.  We're not sure what's going to happen after the show.  Please pray that Roundhill Studios continues - Kyla LOVES Ms. Donna!

Saturday afternoon was spent with our friends the Lee's over for dinner.  The kids had a great time in the pool and on the hovercraft :)

This last week was the start of Maker Camp!  We have about 30 kids signed up, meeting on Thursday afternoons in the park.   This last weeks theme was air pressure and we made mini hovercrafts and puff rockets.  It's some work to lead, but really fun!
ready to launch the puff rockets!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Keanan!!

8 years old!
To celebrate Keanan we went to Gilroy Gardens (a theme park just south of us) with some of Keanan's best buds.  They were pretty much the only kids over preschool age and had the run of the place!  4 times on your favorite roller coaster without having to get off is a pretty sweet deal!  They did lots of other rides and played in the water too.  These guys were so awesome together - funny, smart, respectful, it was a joy to be with them (and their moms and younger siblings) all day.
the boys
with the girls
Birthday Ice Cream Cones!
8 years ago today