Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Last day of School, Jeeping, and the Science Fair!

We had a fun/busy weekend!  It started with the last day of first grade for Kyla and second grade for Keanan on Friday!!  They have worked SO hard this last school year and we have all learned a TON about US History.  The will start the next grade at the end of April, after our trip to Washington DC!
Keanan with the names of Jesus that we studied and his Adventures in US History binder, complete with info on all 50 states!
Kyla with her Bible reader and Bible notebook.  She read through the entire Bible in her reader and summarized each story with a sentence and picture in her notebook.
To celebrate the year we spent the afternoon riding roller coasters and eating ice cream at Great America!
First time at Great America this year!

After Kyla's ballet rehearsal on Saturday we jumped in the Jeep and headed to Hollister Hills to do some wheeling!  So fun!!

Sunday was spent at church, then lunch with friends to celebrate a baptism, then to the annual BACH (Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers) Science Fair!  Kyla's science fair project was on making "Rainbow Sugar" (and evaporation experiment) and Keanan's was on owl pellets and what owls eat.  They both did a great job!

The Science Fair kids with certificates and ribbons!
This week the kids and I are visiting family and friends in Washington state!  Many pictures to come!

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