Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Jr. FLL Expo and A Wet Hike!

We had a fun, hot weekend!  Summer has arrived to the bay area with some wonderful weather.  The kids did a great job presenting with the rest of their Jr. FLL team at the bay area expo on Saturday morning.  The theme this year was "Waste Wise" and the kids had to pick a piece of trash, research it, then model it in some way with Legos - including moving parts using simple machines.  The piece of trash our team picked was a mattress and their model was an automated mattress recycling facility.  Here's a video of the model in action:
They did a great job answering questions with the reviewers.  Way to go Recycle Builders!
the team with their presentation board and model

On Sunday after church we went on a special hike with the Saltarelli's, it was Maddy's 10th birthday!  We had a TON of fun at Portola Redwoods hiking to tiptoe falls and playing in the creek.  It was a hot day so the water felt great, but super cold.
the path to the waterfall was in a stream!
made it to the waterfall
The girls.  Maddy turned 10 and Kyla lost her tooth on the trail!
frolicking in the water
They got a little wet!
Last week Keanan and Kyla did their annual testing.  To celebrate being done, on Thursday we went to the San Francisco Zoo with our neighbor Nathan who was on spring break.  The weather was perfect and we saw all the animals.

the baby giraffe was only 6 days old!

This week we are in Washington DC for a giant field trip!  Lots of pictures to come.

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