Sunday, April 24, 2016

Washington DC!!

Oh my goodness, we had such a great trip!  Travel went well, the weather was beautiful, we saw so many neat things, we visited with some awesome extended family (my mom's youngest sister and her family)...lots of good times.  Here's the breakdown, with pictures!

Monday: Flying all day.  Not super exciting, but we were excited that the kids did so well.

Tuesday: White House (just the outside), Smithsonian American History and Natural History Museums, National Archives.  Highlights: THE Star Spangled Banner (the ACTUAL flag), collection of the First Lady's dresses, gems and minerals collections, real dinosaur bones, seeing the real Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
At the White House gates
Wednesday: Walking around the Capital Mall and seeing all the monuments, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  Highlights: Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial, Seeing all the veterans at the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War Memorials, Wright Flyer (the ACTUAL plane), letting our feet rest to watch the planetarium show, dinner with Zac's cousin Jacob
Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial.  They were amazed at how big it was
On the side of the Lincoln Memorial.  Can you see us peeking around the columns?
One of the many waterfalls at the FDR Memorial

Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial from across the tidal basin
Resting our feet on the metro bus on the way to the Air and Space Museum
Wright Flyer!
Thursday: Mount Vernon with Super Judi (my Aunt).  Highlights: being in George Washington's house!, hanging out with Super Judi, learning a ton about Washington at the museum on the grounds, burgers on the deck made by Uncle Todd
Heading in to Mount Vernon.  Kyla and Super Judi were BFF's!
Wandering around Mount Vernon, a working farm.  It was so beautiful!
George Washington's house in the background!
Friday: Spy Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (again).  Highlights: cool spy stuff, seeing portraits of every president, finding Stanley!! (first autonomous car built by some of our friends), jumping on the pogo stick and trampoline with cousin Anna, wine by the fire with Super Judi.
We found Stanley!
Saturday: Flying all day.  Again, the kids were great.
The pilot let the kids sit in his seat!
Thanks Auntie Judi, Uncle Todd, William and Anna for sharing your house, food, and cars with us.  Best hosts ever!  We are already talking about what to go see when we come back.  :)

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