Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Adventures: A Very Wet Race!

We had another rainy weekend in the Bay Area.  Good for my garden, not so good for going on adventures.  However, the kids and I had signed up for the 4-H Green Clover Run - rain or shine!  It was so wet and cold!  Much like running in WA (which is partially why I didn't run in WA!!).  I did the 5K and finished in 28:05!  The kids did the 1K and both finished in under 5:30.  Afterward we went out to breakfast, which was a huge treat!
Here's my forced smile at the beginning.  I was not happy about the cold and rain!
There's the back of Keanan and Kyla
Zac brought home a thermal camera from work and much fun ensued.  Keanan and Kyla's picture.

We have a full week ahead, but today we celebrate our favorite math holiday - Pi Day!!
Apple pie, just out of the oven!
Make sure you enjoy some pie! :)

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