Monday, March 7, 2016

A Train Ride to Old Sacramento

Last week in school we studied the transcontinental railroad.  That made Friday the perfect time to ride the train from Santa Clara to Sacramento to visit the train museum!  Zac dropped the kids and I at the Amtrack station on his way to work and we "rode the rails" for three hours to the Sacramento station.  The trip went by really fast and we had some great views of the bay, an old ghost town, San Francisco, a few tunnels, and the river delta.
being silly on the train with the wax from our cheese snack
When we got off the train it was just a quick walk to "Old Sacramento".  We walked along the wooden sidewalks and ate lunch at a cafe.  Then the rains started!  We ran into the train museum that had a really neat exhibit on the transcontinental railroad including one of the actual work engines and the golden spike!  The kids also liked the toy train exhibit.
The Golden Spike!

not too big to play with toy trains!
After the train museum we had a snack at a donuts shop and spent some time at the Sacramento history museum.  Lots of neat things about the gold rush, including some actual gold nuggets.
ready to pan for some gold
Then we walked to the train station and headed home.  We ate dinner on the train and read some books.  The kids did great!  We were all tired when Zac picked us up at the station, but it was a fun day.
dinner on the train
Since it rained most of the weekend, we stayed home playing games, building Lego robots, and taking naps.  We have a busy week ahead with friends for dinner, 4-H meetings, climbing team, and ballet.  The kids and I are also running a race this Sunday (5K for me, 1K for them) for 4-H!

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