Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Adventures: HOME! (and a spontaneous hike)

After a week of work stuff in China, Zac came home late Friday night!  This trip was hard for everyone because of communication issues - we were not able to talk to him all week. While he was gone I went a little crazy and we are now 4-H members!  (We had (briefly) talked about this before Zac left)  Kyla is excited to join the rabbit project and the "fiber arts" project (spinning, dying yarn, knitting...).  Keanan is looking forward to the STEM project and we will probably be running a Lego Robotics project next year.  The BEAUTIFUL thing about our areas 4-H clubs: the projects only meet once a month, and animals can live at the 4-H barn (not our backyard!)!!

We had a lazy Saturday at home with Zac, and a pretty lazy Sunday too.  After church and some quiet time at home we decided to go for a quick hike at Grant Ranch Park.  We saw a huge owl, some wild turkeys, a heron, and a cow :)
Sunset over Silicon Valley
In other crazy news - my parents house is for sale!  This is the house I grew up in.  Know anyone looking for a wonderful place in Graham?

This week the kids will be studying the transcontinental railroad, so on Friday we are taking a field trip - a train ride from Santa Clara to Sacramento to visit the railroad museum and Old Sacramento.  Pictures to come!

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