Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Adventures: HOME! (and a spontaneous hike)

After a week of work stuff in China, Zac came home late Friday night!  This trip was hard for everyone because of communication issues - we were not able to talk to him all week. While he was gone I went a little crazy and we are now 4-H members!  (We had (briefly) talked about this before Zac left)  Kyla is excited to join the rabbit project and the "fiber arts" project (spinning, dying yarn, knitting...).  Keanan is looking forward to the STEM project and we will probably be running a Lego Robotics project next year.  The BEAUTIFUL thing about our areas 4-H clubs: the projects only meet once a month, and animals can live at the 4-H barn (not our backyard!)!!

We had a lazy Saturday at home with Zac, and a pretty lazy Sunday too.  After church and some quiet time at home we decided to go for a quick hike at Grant Ranch Park.  We saw a huge owl, some wild turkeys, a heron, and a cow :)
Sunset over Silicon Valley
In other crazy news - my parents house is for sale!  This is the house I grew up in.  Know anyone looking for a wonderful place in Graham?

This week the kids will be studying the transcontinental railroad, so on Friday we are taking a field trip - a train ride from Santa Clara to Sacramento to visit the railroad museum and Old Sacramento.  Pictures to come!

Monday, February 22, 2016


This is Zac's success pose!  (and that's all I'm allowed to say about that)
It was a weekend of accomplishments!  The kids and I got the garden planted - peas, carrots, asparagus, chard, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach!  (Kale will go in today or tomorrow)  We are using the "Back to Eden" garden method and you can watch the awesome video about that here:  Along the fence our perennials are also doing great: kumquat, strawberries, avocado, artichoke, and raspberry.  Bean, corn, squash, tomatoes and peppers will be planted in May.  So excited to grow and eat our own food!

We had planned to go on a hike after church on Sunday, but after the local missions fair after church Zac had a number of things to do to get ready for China.  So instead we took a quick bike ride over to an Italian place for dinner and back.  Zac is in the air as I type this and won't be home till Friday night.  Prayers for him and us are appreciated this week!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Valentine's Day Hike!

We had a great hike yesterday afternoon with our friends, the Yeatman's, on big tree trail in Sam MacDonald park.  I love the trees!
On Saturday Zac and Keanan picked up my Valentine's day present - 2 cubic yards of mulch for the garden!  We got it a spread in no time and will be starting to plant next weekend!

Saturday night our church had a kids night out - so the kids got to eat pizza, play games, do a craft, and watch a movie while Zac and I had a date!  We had dinner, walked around downtown Palo Alto, and had ice cream all by ourselves :)

Happy Valentine's Day (happy birthday Dad!) and happy President's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

Six Years Old!!
We have had a crazy fun weekend celebrating Kyla's birthday in the happiest place on earth!  The plan for this weekend all started back in October when we realized that the super bowl was about 1 mile or so from our house and on Kyla's birthday weekend.  We decided we wanted to get out of town and make it a fun surprise for Kyla's sixth birthday.  You have no idea how hard it was to keep this all a secret since October!!

It all started Friday when this mysterious box arrived!  I told the kids that we had a special birthday adventure planned and the box had to come with us, then they started packing!  Sad Note: the box was overnight-ed from Zac's Aunt Diane because she and Zac's mom where supposed to meet us at Disneyland, but Zac's mom came down with the flu!  :(
they are so confused!
Right after lunch we hopped in the car and started driving south!  We ran into some car trouble (hopefully nothing) which slowed us down a bit, but after about 7 hours we were in our hotel room.  Time to open the box!

You can see me on my phone at the end because I was texting the next phase of the surprise - a few moments later, the Ireland's, our best friends from WA, knocked on our hotel door!!  I think the kids were all in shock (the Ireland kids didn't know we were there or where we were going either!).  The next morning we met for breakfast in the Ireland's room and then boarded the bus for Disneyland!  Pictures!!
We're in!
all the kids up in Tarzan's tree house!
Chris braved the teacups!
on the riverboat
Kyla, Esther and Rahab got to meet Minnie!

I'm pretty sure the entire population of CA was either in the Bay Area for the super bowl, or in Disneyland - so. many. people.  I was a bit overwhelmed.

We had dinner reservations for a special birthday dinner and cake for Kyla!  After this we headed back to the hotel to swim for a bit and go to bed!

The next day, Sunday, we did California Adventure!
it's like they've never been apart!
Grizzly river ride, we got soaked!

headed into Radiator Springs
we got to meet Pluto!
Ireland's and Vawter's - Disney 2016!
So much fun!  We were all exhausted!  This is the best picture to end our trip:
Rahab asleep at dinner, fry in hand!
Zac had an important work meeting today (Monday), so he drove us home in the night.  Good to sleep in our own beds!  Thank you Ireland's for joining us on our adventure!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Ann & Brian for the use of your condo's!