Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kyla's Recital and Tea Party...with Grandma!

We have had a great weekend celebrating Kyla as her 6th birthday approaches next week.  It all started with a special guest arriving at the airport on Saturday- Grandma!  I told Kyla that we had one more errand to run to get ready for her party.  She was wondering why we ended up at the airport, and then she spotted Grandma!  She was so surprised!  So was Keanan when Grandma walked into his room!
Makeup and hair done - ready for the recital!
Grandma got to join us for Kyla's second ballet recital.  She was a leader in her class and did a great job.  Here's the video:
Today after church was Kyla's birthday tea party.  Lots of fun with friends, and Grandma had a special seat at the table too.  We get to hang out with Grandma till Tuesday evening :) Instead of presents, Kyla decided to raise money to support children who are waiting for sponsors for her birthday.  So far she has raised $140! 
While the girls were having a tea party, Keanan, Zac and Josh went go-kart racing!
Kyla's actual birthday is Saturday - but unfortunately, the Superbowl is here (we can see the stadium from our road) so we are getting out of town.  Our destination is a HUGE birthday surprise!  More to come next week!!

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