Friday, January 1, 2016

Four Words - 2016

2015 is now the past.  Our family has had a wonderful year full of God's amazing blessings.  As is our tradition, at the beginning of each year God puts a word on my heart to pray and focus on for each person in our family.  Let's re-visit 2015's words before we move on to 2016:

Zac - CREATE - Nailed it.  All I can say is "he built stuff".  Crazy stuff.  Lot's of stuff.  And he's loved every minute of it.  Sorry that I can't expand on any of this, 'tis the way of the secret start-up company.  :)  Just know that all went extremely well for Zac in 2015.

Jen - BLESSING - My prayer for 2015 was that I was a blessing to those around me.  Zac, the kids, friends, our church family, our BACH group (Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers)... It has been a joy to serve those around me in many different ways, but I think I was blessed more than I was a blessing!  The hardest group of people to be a blessing to was my kids.  My temper got the best of me more often than I would like to admit and I responded in harshness instead of gentleness.  But this year I think I was able to identify this issue and deal with it way faster than previous years.

Keanan - CONTROL - Keanan loves to be in control of his environment and circumstances, but we have seen him grow in letting go of some of this last year.  He has also grown a ton in self control.  Instead of throwing a huge fit when something upsets him / doesn't go his way, his will remove himself from the situation and go calm down before coming back to talk about it.  This has been huge for him.  He is such a strong, passionate kid that it can be hard to channel this for good instead of evil.  But with God's help, he is courageously fighting the battle well.

Kyla - BOLD - Kyla can be timid and shy, especially in new circumstances, so my prayer for her in 2015 was for boldness.  She had an amazing year in this regard!  For the first time Kyla performed with her ballet class in front of an audience in February, then she went on to perform on a real stage in a full length ballet in June!  She loved every minute of it!  This year in PETRA (weekly co-op history/bible class) Kyla was given permission to attend the 1st/2nd grade class even though she is technically too young.  Part of the requirement of this class is to give presentations in front of the entire class (about 25-30 people).  She has done two so far this year (on spinning wool, and on mouse lemurs) and done great both times!  It is still a struggle sometimes to greet new people, but her boldness is definitely growing.

And now our words for 2016!

Zac - PATIENCE - Zac has many things coming up this year, exciting things.  But he will be needing to wait on God's perfect timing, not ours.

Jen - GENTLENESS - I need to work on responding with love, not harshness.  Especially towards the kids at around 5:30pm each day...

Keanan - FAITHFULNESS - Keanan can, not abnormally for his age, twist the truth or leave out some details when it suits his needs.  Or get caught up in the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law.

Kyla - KINDNESS - Kyla has a sassy streak that is not very kind.  It's my prayer for her that she displays kindness instead of meanness, especially toward a certain brother.

All four of these words come from the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  We want our lives in 2016 to bear good fruit for the Lord.  Please pray these words with us this year.

Happy New Year!

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