Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Angels Aware!

This weekend was the kids Christmas play at church, Angels Aware!  It was the Christmas story from the angels point of view starting with Michael announcing to the other angels, and delegation of the major and minor prophets (Moses and Isaiah), that God had decided to go to earth.  It was a wonderful telling of the entire story of the Bible, showing God's amazing love for man.

Keanan had a major speaking role as Isaiah.  He practiced really hard and did such a great job!  Kyla was a part of the angel choir, and had a special part in one of the groups singing into the microphone.  She also did a wonderful job.  They had been practicing since September every Wednesday night and have had a ton of fun doing it.  Great job Crosswalk Kids!

Here are two of my favorite songs near the end of the play, with one of Keanan's speaking parts in the middle:
Here is part of the song that Kyla had a special part in.
After church on Sunday we had fun making gingerbread cookies!
Yummy!  We shared some with our neighbors.
 On Saturday, after the kids dress rehearsal for the play, we did a "little hike" which turned into 5 miles with 1,100 feet of elevation gain!  Zac really wanted to check out an old silver mine in the hills.  The kids did great, and we all slept really good.
Resting at what we thought was the top.  It wasn't.  Great view though!
We made it to the mine!
Beautiful sunset.  We were running down the trail to get back to the car before dark!
Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent!  One small baby in the hay, brings us JOY on Christmas Day!

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