Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Staying Home (or: the calm before the craziness!)

We had a super chill time at home this past weekend.  There was lots of playing and sorting of Legos, ballet for Kyla, church, and all around laziness - it was lovely!

In addition to school this week we did some annual Thanksgiving craftiness:
Turkey hands!  They keep getting bigger (Keanan on top, Kyla on bottom)
Our Thankful leaves made into a garland
"Being cats" at a park on Friday
All the calm of the weekend was very intentional - on Friday morning we embark on an adventure!  It starts by flying from San Jose to Seattle.  In Seattle my mom will be meeting Keanan and Kyla at the airport while Zac and I continue on to Frankfurt, Germany and then ultimately Prauge, Czech Republic for a few days until we fly back to Seattle the night before Thanksgiving!  Zac has some business for work for a few hours on Monday in Zlin in the Czech Republic, so of course I am going along.  :)  We are super excited to be in Europe for the first time together and see some amazing sites.  The kids are beyond excited to stay with Grandma, Grandpa and their cousins while we are gone.  Please pray for safe travels for us!

Next week: from the Czech Republic!!

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