Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend Adventures: From Europe!

Ahoj! (That's "hello" in Czech!)  As I write this Zac and I have just enjoyed a lovely dinner at our hotel in Zlin in the Czech Republic!  On Friday morning we left San Jose and arrived in Seattle to pass the kids through security to my mom.  They are having a wonderful weekend with cousins.  Zac and I continued on the Frankfurt, Germany.  We had a long layover there so we went into the old part of the town for some sightseeing and food.  Here's some pictures:
our airplane
in Frankfurt!
we climbed a gazillion stairs to the top of....
this!  The oldest and tallest church in Frankfurt.

We flew from Frankfurt to Prague, Czech Republic and arrived at our hotel very tired on Saturday night.  This morning after breakfast we walked across the cobblestone courtyard to see the famous Strahov Monastery library here:
Then we started driving toward Zlin, with a stop at a castle on the way!
Unfortunately, we couldn't go in.  But we walked all the way around,  and as a bonus it started snowing!  Zac says they were cleaning the tapestries ;) 
Like in a fairytale!
Did you know there are over 2000 castles and castle ruins in the Czech Republic?!   Zac has a work meeting tomorrow and then Tuesday night we are staying in a real castle!!  Many more pictures to come!  Sbohem!

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