Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Camping in Pinnacles!

We had a great weekend camping with our friends the Salteralli's at Pinnacles National Park!  Isn't it crazy that people can go camping in November here?!  It got a bit chilly at night, but once the sun was up the temp was around 70 - perfect for hiking around the beautiful rock formations at Pinnacles.  Here's some pictures:
you may have read about the missle launch over CA in the news on Sat. night - we saw it!  
we spotted this GIANT bug at night - the Ranger called it a potato bug
they were all excellent hikers!
stopping for lunch by the reservoir - if you zoom in you can see the climber that just made it to the top of the big peak behind the water
posing in a rock
Patty and Andy
Kyla calls Maddy her sister :)
headed down into the caves!
headlamps and lanterns are required in the caves
Keanan the rock monkey
one legged climbing fool ;)
We headed home just before the rain started falling.  I think we are done camping for the year - but excited to get back to it in the Spring!

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