Thursday, November 26, 2015

End of Our Europe Trip

We were sitting in the Toronto Airport as I wrote most of this, waiting for our flight to Seattle to finish up our European journey.  On Monday Zac had a work meeting most of the day so I stayed at the hotel and did a bunch of reading and relaxing.  On Tuesday we left Zlin to head to our castle hotel - Zamek Zbiroh, that was near Prauge.  It was AMAZING!  Here's some pictures, some of them from a private tour that we had.  The castle has an incredible history!
Our little white rental car parked under Aslan in the castle parking lot
In our awesome room!  Complete with champagne :)
one of the meeting rooms in the castle
We were not supposed to take pictures on the castle tour - but Zac snuck some!  This is an actual sword from the Knight's Templar!  They have a connection to this castle.
I can't remember which King this is, but he owned the castle at some point and this was his folding travel chair!
view of the castle grounds from the second floor during our tour
The grand hall, with glass ceiling.  Many events, balls, and weddings held here.  Beautiful painting and lights.
The longest hall in the castle, complete with different time period knights!
Part of the old castle behind me.
In the courtyard of the main part of the castle.  
This tower is in the courtyard of the old part of the castle and is the oldest freestanding tower in the Czech Republic.
Zac looking tough with his Czech beer at the castle restaurant

We woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground as we drove to Prauge to catch our plane back to Washington to meet up with the kids and all our family for Thanksgiving.

Some insights about the Czech Republic:
- the speed limit is optional, very optional.
- the roads in the towns are SUPER narrow, frequently one car only.
- the Czech country side is very beautiful, but the cities are not so much
- they love potatoes - they make everything out of potatoes
- things are so old!  In a good way - the castle we stayed in was built in the 1200's!!!
- public places are much cleaner than in the US
- American's are kind of arrogant.  We don't bother to learn the language, but expect them to know English.  And when they come to the US we also expect them to know English.  We felt bad about this when we were there.

What a perfect trip!  We are tired, but happy and enjoying being with the kids again.  So thankful for the amazing blessings that God has showered on us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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