Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Muir Woods

Yesterday was busier than a normal Sunday for us with church, a missions team meeting for me, and the area Young Life banquet for Zac and I last night.  So, we took our adventure day on Saturday after Kyla's ballet class.  We FINALLY made it to Muir Woods which is just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It a very popular tourist destination, which is why we have avoided it till now.  Most people were leaving when we got there, so it wasn't so bad.

On our way through San Francisco we heard a huge roar.  Looking up, we saw the Blue Angels in formation!  A quick search on Google revealed that it was fleet week - complete with an air show.  The Blue Angels were in the middle of their show as we drove over the Golden Gate - SO COOL!!

Once we got to Muir Woods we went into the visitors center to stamp our new National Park Passport (love this!) and then did a really neat trail that took about an hour or so.  I love the redwoods!!
Kyla with John Muir!
Keanan's hiding behind us.
Cool bridge over a fallen redwood
Keanan the monkey (he must climb everything)
We had dinner at a sketchy restaurant in Mill Valley, which I am pretty sure gave us a mild case of food poisoning on Sunday, fun!  But, overall, it was a great weekend.  :)

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