Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Foam Run/Walk and Date Night

Last night was spent on some long overdue dates.  Keanan took me to sushi and dessert, while Zac took Kyla to pizza and ice cream!  Great one-on-one time with our favorite boy and girl :)

Some of our yummy sushi!
On Saturday night I did a 5K Foam Glow run/walk with some awesome ladies from church!  There was a definite lack of foam and way too many people to even attempt to run, but we had a good time walking and chatting - and good food at Applebee's afterward!
Under the black lights!

The crazy after party where they were spraying all the foam - we skipped out and went to eat food :)

While I was out with the ladies, Zac and the kids and Josh built a box fort with TONS of cardboard at his work!
The big sections are "two stories" tall!
This week was full of school and landscaping the front yard!  Our front grass died (drought) so the kids and I put in 20 drought resistant, fast growing ground cover plants.  As well as some lavender, rosemary and some other pretty blue thing whose name I can't remember.   The next project is installing my garden in the back yard!
We modeled cells with jello!
The front yard.  We're festive with our corn stalks!
Grow little plants, grow!
We're taking an "off week" again next week while we visit with Auntie Jess and Zane!  Cute pictures to come!

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