Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Castle Rock Climbing

Yay!  We escaped from the city this weekend!  Yesterday after church we met our friends Gabe and Zoe at Castle Rock State Park for some hiking and climbing.  This is a very popular spot for outdoor rock climbing and we got to see a bunch of people bouldering.  Keanan is excited to tell his coaches on climbing team that he was there :)
Keanan took this picture of the trail.  So beautiful!
On Friday the kids and I went on our first field trip of the year to the Seymour Discovery Center in Santa Cruz.  This is a working marine biology lab that is also open to the public.  We had an excellent tour with a bunch of other homeschool kids and learned a lot about sea otters, gray and blue whales, monk seals, and dolphins.  The lab actually houses a dolphin and a monk seal for research and we got to see them!  The dolphin was so curious and kept popping it's head out of the water to see us.

inside a blue whale skeleton!

We are back to our normal school curriculum this week after a nice break learning different things last week, like history of ballet for Kyla and Lego WeDo building and programming for Keanan.  Happy October!

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