Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Camping in Yosemite!

Last Tuesday Zac and I were talking about plans for the weekend, and since we didn't have any...camping we would go!

We reserved the LAST camping spot in the Yosemite Valley and left on Saturday after Kyla's ballet class.  It was a beautiful drive and we pulled into our campsite just in time for dinner, setting up our rented tent (yay Sports Basement), and walking around the campground just before it got dark.  After our required dessert of smores it was time for bed.  There was about 1/2 million (not joking) people in the campground so it was a bit loud for our liking, but we slept ok (I will be upgrading my camping mattress before the next trip!)

On Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast, packed up camp, and spent the rest of the day hiking around the valley.  It was so beautiful, although hazy from all the smoke from the wildfires.  By the end of the day, according to Zac's phone, we had walked over 5 miles!  Here's some pictures:
playing at the campground
side tunnel from the big tunnel
view out of the side tunnel
The kids looking up at Half Dome (note the smoke haze)
lots of deer everywhere
We made it home around 9pm, tired, dirty, but happy.  We'll go back sometime when there is less people (so, not anywhere near summer!).

Today was picture day at the King's Academy!  Here are my two super cuties with their official student ID cards.

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