Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

We had a (mostly) lovely long weekend sticking around town.  Saturday started with ballet for Kyla, then a visit to the farmers market.  We met Keanan and Zac at home for lunch and then we all went to Planet Granite for some rock climbing!  The kids did lots of bouldering, but we all made it to the top of the wall on ropes a few times.  From PG we went to Washington Park to serve at the Refuge - a dinner and church service for the homeless of Sunnyvale.  People always love to see the kids serving the food :)

After church on Sunday we went to History Park in San Jose for the Mini Maker Faire!  Lots of neat things to see.  Some of the favorites were the paper rockets, the Lego rubix cube solver, and gold panning.

When I did the planning for school for the month I didn't realize that today (Monday) was a holiday!  So this morning the kids did school like normal, but they got to do it with Mr. Josh!  Yesterday I was having weird abdominal pain, and today I woke up dizzy and nauseous, so Zac took me to urgent care thinking it was my appendix.  After a bunch of tests and CT scan, turns out I have a moderate ovarian cyst on my right side.  Nothing to do about it but hope it goes away quickly.

The rest of today was spent taking naps, hanging out and doing this:
Happy Labor Day!

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