Monday, August 24, 2015

Home again, home again!

The kids and I arrived safely home on Friday night - thank you for all the traveling prayers.  We were excited to get home to Zac, but sad to leave family and friends in WA (and OR!).  We've had a restful weekend with church, church picnic, family movie (we saw Inside Out - very cute!), and a Young Lives training day for me on Saturday.  This week is full of deep cleaning and getting everything ready to start school next week!  
Last night with the Lathrop cousins (Grandma and Grandpa too!)
On the way home!
This guy was indifferent about our arrival.  Thomas the leopard gecko and his brother Linko (who is hiding under the rock) live in Keanan's room.
Shark and Rainbow Fish were happy to see us!  The beta's are Kyla's responsibility.

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