Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Fort Ross

On Saturday we decide to go for a longer excursion than usual.  After about 3 hours in the car headed north we ended up on the coast at Fort Ross.  This is a very unusual fort in that it is Russian and was built in 1812.  Lucky for us they happened to be holding the Fort Ross festival the same time we were there!  There were lots of people milling around in traditional Russian dress.  We saw dancing, singing, a horn band that actually came from Russia for the event, and a militia re-enactment complete with black powder rifles and cannons!  Here's some pictures:
stopping at In-N-Out for lunch
inside the Orthodox church
the little kids running around in traditional clothes were so cute!
the CA coast is so beautiful!  This is the mouth of the Russian River
On Sunday after church we had lunch with the Saltarelli's and went swimming in the pool!  The perfect relaxing Sunday afternoon.

This week holds our last week of Maker Camp with friends and a camping trip this weekend!

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