Friday, July 24, 2015

Maker Camp with Friends - Week 1!

We had such a great week doing Maker Camp with some of our friends.  We were super official - we all had t-shirts!  Our camp was originally scheduled to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I was recovering from my camp cold on Monday so we pushed it back to Tuesday.

The theme of this week was Farmstead: sustainable living and food, so on Tuesday we talked about wind power and made fun pinwheels!
 Our campers were even featured in the share video on the Maker Camp website the next day (watch closely to find them)

Wednesday we talked about solar power and made sun prints using special light sensitive paper.
The kids were featured again on the Maker Camp website!

Friday was our food day.  We used the MakeyMakey to make a banana piano!  Afterwards we used the bananas to make banana oatmeal cookies that everyone got to eat. Yummy!

Each day after our Maker Camp time we wandered over to the park to play with our friends and eat lunch - it's been a wonderful week!  We can't wait for all the cool things to make at Maker Camp next week!

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