Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Maiden's Visit Ballet and Father's Day!

Let's start with the ballet, because Oh. My. Goodness.  It was AMAZING!!  You all really need to fly/drive/walk yourselves down here next year to see this thing.  Kyla was on stage quite a bit as a pixie (which we have no pictures of) and the leader of the little butterflies, and she did so great!  It was a lot of hard work and practice on her part and we are very proud of her!
Make-up all done and ready to go to the theater!
Right before the start of the first show
Here's a video of the butterfly dance!  This is right after the Maiden is saved from the wolves and dream witches and is dancing with the Fairy Queen.  Kyla is the first little butterfly to skip in, and then is in the middle of the line in the back.  Enjoy!
So I bet you didn't know that I was in the ballet too!  Yep.  I had a very important part too.  I was a moving rock that the little bat landed on in the first show!  I was actually part of the stage crew for the afternoon performance and had lots of fun doing it.
Here's me!  I hid behind this and rolled the bat off stage :)
For Father's Day we went on a little hike and swimming in a lake after church with our friends, the Hoffman's.  Unfortunately, most of the residents of the bay area had the same idea - it was crowded!  But we had fun in the outdoors.

Other things from this last week: we studied the Declaration of Independence and tried writing with a quill pen and berry ink.  It was fun and hard!
This is our last week of school (with our normal curriculum) before our summer break!  Yay summer!

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