Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Keanan's Birthday Party!

We had such a fun time Saturday afternoon with friends celebrating Keanan's 7th birthday!  Keanan has a water party, which meant two things: playing in the water and raising money for clean water wells.

Keanan has always had a heart for people in Africa without access to clean water.  So instead of presents he asked for money to raise water for families to have access to water wells.  Through Compassion International every $30 provides water well access for 1 family.  As of now, with donations from the party and some family members, Keanan has raised enough money for ELEVEN families in Africa to have access to clean water!  He is so excited, and we are so proud of him!!  This number might go up, as his actual birthday is coming this Wednesday - I'll keep you posted!
During his party we had all the kids fill up cups with water and carry them on their heads through an obstacle course at the park.  It's hard to carry water!  When they reached the end of the course each kid got a little squirt gun, and after a group picture, a water fight began!  Zac attacked the kids with his homemade "water weenie" (you have to google it), but Keanan got him back with a water weenie of his own.  Great fun!  After yummy ice cream cake we all went pack to the park to play in the water feature.  Good friends, wonderful weather, awesome party!
I'll have a special post this Wednesday when we celebrate Keanan's actual birthday.  We have an amazing surprise for him!!! :)

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  1. It’s wonderful!! I am proud of your son that he asked for money instead of birthday presents, to help the people in Africa. One of my friends also organized a party at the local party places Miami and asked his friends for money that he gave to an NGO.