Monday, June 29, 2015

End of the school year and summer plans!

Friday was the official last day of school for us!  Of course that doesn't mean we stop learning during the summer, we just have a two month break from our normal curriculum.  To finish off the school year I have to turn in grades, semester summaries, and attendance to the King's Academy (the private school we file under for state records) sometime this week.

To celebrate our break we went to Great America on Friday afternoon for some roller coaster rides and giant ice cream cones!  We also celebrated with friends today with a trip to Gilroy Gardens (another amusement park a little farther away).  The kids had a blast playing in the water, riding rides, eating shaved ice (for the first time!), and running around with friends.
We are really excited about the summer and some fun things planned.  The kids will have daily reading time and Kahn Academy work (for math) to keep their skills sharp.  We will also be working on some Lego WeDo projects, and the biggest thing - Maker Camp!  The Maker Camp projects start next week and will include some basic soldering, experiments with slime, and fun with the MaKey MaKey.  Here's a short video of Keanan playing a Lego star wars game on the computer with aluminum foil control pads that he made connected to the MaKey MaKey:
In August we will be traveling to Washington to visit friends and family, and then it's back to normal school in September.

Yay for summer!  Our pool should be arriving tomorrow!

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