Monday, June 29, 2015

End of the school year and summer plans!

Friday was the official last day of school for us!  Of course that doesn't mean we stop learning during the summer, we just have a two month break from our normal curriculum.  To finish off the school year I have to turn in grades, semester summaries, and attendance to the King's Academy (the private school we file under for state records) sometime this week.

To celebrate our break we went to Great America on Friday afternoon for some roller coaster rides and giant ice cream cones!  We also celebrated with friends today with a trip to Gilroy Gardens (another amusement park a little farther away).  The kids had a blast playing in the water, riding rides, eating shaved ice (for the first time!), and running around with friends.
We are really excited about the summer and some fun things planned.  The kids will have daily reading time and Kahn Academy work (for math) to keep their skills sharp.  We will also be working on some Lego WeDo projects, and the biggest thing - Maker Camp!  The Maker Camp projects start next week and will include some basic soldering, experiments with slime, and fun with the MaKey MaKey.  Here's a short video of Keanan playing a Lego star wars game on the computer with aluminum foil control pads that he made connected to the MaKey MaKey:
In August we will be traveling to Washington to visit friends and family, and then it's back to normal school in September.

Yay for summer!  Our pool should be arriving tomorrow!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Maiden's Visit Ballet and Father's Day!

Let's start with the ballet, because Oh. My. Goodness.  It was AMAZING!!  You all really need to fly/drive/walk yourselves down here next year to see this thing.  Kyla was on stage quite a bit as a pixie (which we have no pictures of) and the leader of the little butterflies, and she did so great!  It was a lot of hard work and practice on her part and we are very proud of her!
Make-up all done and ready to go to the theater!
Right before the start of the first show
Here's a video of the butterfly dance!  This is right after the Maiden is saved from the wolves and dream witches and is dancing with the Fairy Queen.  Kyla is the first little butterfly to skip in, and then is in the middle of the line in the back.  Enjoy!
So I bet you didn't know that I was in the ballet too!  Yep.  I had a very important part too.  I was a moving rock that the little bat landed on in the first show!  I was actually part of the stage crew for the afternoon performance and had lots of fun doing it.
Here's me!  I hid behind this and rolled the bat off stage :)
For Father's Day we went on a little hike and swimming in a lake after church with our friends, the Hoffman's.  Unfortunately, most of the residents of the bay area had the same idea - it was crowded!  But we had fun in the outdoors.

Other things from this last week: we studied the Declaration of Independence and tried writing with a quill pen and berry ink.  It was fun and hard!
This is our last week of school (with our normal curriculum) before our summer break!  Yay summer!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Swimming and a Hike

We are half way through June already!  How did that happen?

This weekend was dress rehearsal for Kyla in the Maiden's Visit ballet.  We are so excited to see her perform next weekend!  Saturday afternoon was a fun pool birthday party for one of our homeschool friends.  It was hot so we ALL got in - even me!

After church on Sunday we went to Montalvo county park for a neat hike.  We all loved the part in the Redwoods the best.  The grounds for this historic villa are beautiful, they do lots of weddings and events here.  Enjoy the pictures!
The trail was dusty!  Part of this is also my awesome tan :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Twelve Years!

Yesterday Zac and I celebrated our 12th anniversary!  We had a wonderful time at church, going out to lunch with the kids, hiking in the foothills, and going out to dinner with our friends the Mihm's and Pastor Russ and Cindy (from Yelm!).  They were here for the weekend for a very beautiful memorial service, that we were all at, on Saturday.
My new rose bush!  An anniversary tradition :)
It's been such an amazing 12 years!  Here's to many, many more!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Keanan!!

I can't believe that at 9:25am this sweet boy turned 7!!

We had such an amazing day celebrating!  It started with cinnamon roll breakfast and a super sweet card from Kyla, that she wrote all on her own.
Translation: Happy birthday 7 year old.  I hope you have a great time with your presents.  Happy birthday, awesome!  Love, Kyla.
After breakfast Keanan opened a big box from us.  In it contained a card that said:

So Zac took the day off of work and we hopped in the car and drove to Moaning Caverns, 2.5 hours away!  The first thing we did was the tandem zip line, Keanan with me and Kyla with Zac.  Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the zip line because we all went at the same time (two lines right next to each other).  IT WAS SO FUN!!  The kids loved it!!

After the zip line we took a tour of the huge cavern/cave.  It is so big the Statue of Liberty could fit inside!
On our way back home Keanan decided he wanted crepes for dinner, yumm!  It was a great family day celebrating our sweet adventure loving boy!

To wrap it all up, Keanan has raised enough money for his birthday to provide clean water well access to THIRTEEN families in Africa!  We are so proud of him!!
Happy Birthday Keanan!  We Love You!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Keanan's Birthday Party!

We had such a fun time Saturday afternoon with friends celebrating Keanan's 7th birthday!  Keanan has a water party, which meant two things: playing in the water and raising money for clean water wells.

Keanan has always had a heart for people in Africa without access to clean water.  So instead of presents he asked for money to raise water for families to have access to water wells.  Through Compassion International every $30 provides water well access for 1 family.  As of now, with donations from the party and some family members, Keanan has raised enough money for ELEVEN families in Africa to have access to clean water!  He is so excited, and we are so proud of him!!  This number might go up, as his actual birthday is coming this Wednesday - I'll keep you posted!
During his party we had all the kids fill up cups with water and carry them on their heads through an obstacle course at the park.  It's hard to carry water!  When they reached the end of the course each kid got a little squirt gun, and after a group picture, a water fight began!  Zac attacked the kids with his homemade "water weenie" (you have to google it), but Keanan got him back with a water weenie of his own.  Great fun!  After yummy ice cream cake we all went pack to the park to play in the water feature.  Good friends, wonderful weather, awesome party!
I'll have a special post this Wednesday when we celebrate Keanan's actual birthday.  We have an amazing surprise for him!!! :)