Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome Zane Forest Neeley!

On Wednesday evening, right around 9pm, our very first nephew was born!!!  We are so excited for Casey and Jess (Zac's sister) as they start their parenting adventure.
On Tuesday afternoon Jess called to let me know they were headed to the hospital (not the original plan, but all part of God's plan).  Thanks to our AMAZING friends, the Ireland's, and their Alaska Airlines passes I was able to fly out early Wednesday morning and get to Jess before active labor kicked in.  It was such a blessing to be able to be there as a doula and as family.

After Zane was born I got a few hours of sleep (like 2) at my parents house and then flew back home in time for breakfast Thursday morning.  We were also so grateful to our homeschool friends, the Saltarelli's, for letting Keanan and Kyla do school with them and feed them all dinner on Wednesday while I was gone.

The rest of our week was pretty chill, while I recovered from my practically-no-sleep day.  We did get to go see Cinderella the ballet on Friday and play at the park with friends.

This Memorial Day weekend has been very relaxing, since we purposefully made no plans.  It's been so nice to be home, weeding the garden, playing games, and available to spontaneous BBQ's at the Hoffman's house.

Happy one year of living in California to us!  God's plan is so good.

Next weekend: Keanan's 7th Birthday Party!!

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