Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Mother's Day in the Redwoods

Can you tell that I love the Redwoods? :)  We had a wonderful Mother's Day hike after church at Butano State Park.  This might be my new favorite hiking spot, so beautiful!
Look at my awesome mother's day present: a new clothesline!

In other news, we had a fun field trip with some homeschool friends to the Chabot Space Center in Oakland.  This was perfect timing since we are learning about the universe in science.  We got to see two shows in the planetarium, one about the Google space race and one about what it takes to be an astronaut.  Very cool place!

One sad thing this week was that last day of Petra / Bible Study.  Keanan has had so much fun in his Petra history class, Kyla has enjoyed her Thursday school class, and I have loved attending the women's bible study.  We will definitely be attending again next school year! On Friday night we attend the year end closing ceremony for Petra where the kids showed off some of the things they learned.  Keanan's 1st/2nd grade class did a dance to the Roman's Road (which they learned this year) and each student shared their favorite part of history that they studied.  Here's Keanan:
Zac successfully completed his crazy special project for work!  Thank you for your prayers, God's wisdom and favor have definitely been with him in this job.

We are back to our normal curriculum for school this week, and the last soccer practice and game for Keanan of the season.  Next weekend's adventure will be Maker Faire 2015!

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