Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Jr. First Lego League 2015 Expo!

Yesterday, on the Google campus, Keanan and his team (Team Vitruvious) presented their research and model of the moon and lunar rover.  They have worked hard this season and did a great job!  Their model had a rotating earth with an orbiting moon, and a rover that moved and steered.  They won the "Moon Shots Award" at the expo after answering the reviewers questions.  Good job Team Vitruvious! 
This weekend was also filled with Keanan's soccer game and team pictures and Kyla's ballet class and Maiden's Visit rehearsal.  Zac and Kyla went to see Cinderella (she LOVED it) while Keanan and I got ice cream and went for a bike ride on Saturday afternoon.
Keanan and Zac went on a hike in between soccer game and soccer pictures
We had a fun week in school learning about Christopher Colombus.  Keanan built and sailed the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria across the "Atlantic" (our bath tub), and we read lots of books from the library - including Colombus' actual journal of the voyage.

Kyla was on Q for quail so we had fun making a bird feeder - which the birds have not yet found.

Kyla is on her LAST week of Kindergarten this week!  Today is also her 100th day - which we celebrate by counting and eating 100 M n M's!

We also had a play day on Friday at the park with our friend Maggie.  It was about 80 degrees and the water feature was on so the kids got soaked!  Friday afternoon the kids and I drove down the street to Great America for some rides before dinner.  I love that we can do that!

Kyla is tall enough to ride the swings now!

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