Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Adventures: A trench in the floor and Calistoga!

Here's how the weekend started for us:
Right after moving into our new house the sink in the kitchen clogged.  A plumber was called right away by our AWESOME new landlord, but he found dirt in the line meaning we had a broken pipe.  Sooooo...we had to vacate our new house for about a week (we snuck back in early) so they could rip up the floor in the living room (our house is on a concrete slab) and replace the pipe.  For the first two nights we "camped" on the floor of our old house since we still had the keys and had to clean it anyway.

The weekend was spent in beautiful Calistoga on the north end of the Napa Valley.  We had a hotel with amazing hot spring fed pools that we spent a ton of time in.  The town is super cute with great restaurants and shops.  We took a tour of a working flour mill built in the 1840's that was really cool, and another tour of a real castle that is also a winery!  Here are some of the pics and video from Zac's phone:

The flooring in our house should all be back to normal on Wednesday (yay!!) and Keanan starts spring soccer this week.  It is also the last week of first grade for Keanan!  Time is flying by!

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