Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Pi Day and 1st Grade Celebration!

We had such a great weekend that I was having too much fun to take pictures!

Saturday started with Keanan's first spring season soccer game - he had a lot of fun!  Kyla and I left from the game for her ballet practice and then shopping at the farmer's market (we've become farmers market people!).  During this time Keanan and Zac attended an amputee sports clinic that Zac was invited to.  They got a free lesson from a tennis pro (because we are going to be tennis people!) and met a lot of neat amputee's.

We all met back at the house around 1 to prepare for our Pi Day party which started at 1:59!  We had about 5 families come and bring pies.  While we were eating Keanan read the end of his 1st grade Bible reader to everyone, and then, to show that we never really finish reading God's word, he read the first story in his bible reader.  Zac prayed for him and we all celebrated his hard work - so proud of him!

When everyone had their fill of pie we walked over to the park (I LOVE that we can do that) so the kids could play on the toys and the adults played extreme croquet.  It was an awesome time!

Sunday was spent at church most of the day.  After service there was a family celebration complete with lunch and bouncy houses!  Zac blew the kids minds by taking his leg off and jumping in the bouncy house with them :)  The kids also received "secret missions" from Sunday school  - something about secretly blessing others... :)

This week is filled with school for Kyla and science fair preparation for Keanan.  Next Monday we fly to Washington for the week!

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