Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Adventures: The One Where We Just Stayed Home!

This has been our first real weekend to just BE at our new house!  It was very relaxing and just what we all needed.  We spent the time organizing the garage, weeding and moving dirt for my upcoming raspberry patch, and going on a family bike ride.  Kyla also had ballet on Saturday, followed by our trip to the farmers market while Zac and Keanan FINALLY got our other car registered in CA (oops!).  On Sunday Zac shared his faith story at church, which is a neat thing that happens every week.  He did a great job :)

In other news, Keanan finished first grade last Friday!!  We are having a Pi day party on Saturday (EVERYONE should be having a Pi day party on Saturday!!) with all of our friends and we will also be celebrating Keanan's accomplishments.
Working hard on the CAT
This week Keanan is doing his first ever standardized testing - and he is super excited! (weird kid)  He is taking the California Achievement Test (CAT) and I will send it in to get scored when he is done.  He did the reading section today and had a great attitude the whole time.

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