Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Homeschool Science Fair

This post comes to you from Graham, WA!  The kids and I flew in this morning and are currently playing with ALL the cousins at my parents house - wonderful chaos!  We are here until Saturday and are excited to visit with our missed family and friends.

Yesterday was a full day of church and the BACH (Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers) Science Fair.  There were 20 Science Fair entries, and a number of Art Fair entries.  Keanan's entry was a Lego ferris wheel demonstrating centripetal and centrifugal force.  He had to talk into the microphone to present his project to the entire audience - and he did an amazing job!!  So proud of him!
The Science Fair kids with their certificates and ribbons!
Saturday was spent at Keanan's soccer game, Kyla's ballet class, the farmer's market, and then having dinner and playing at the park with our friends the Hoffman's.

A fun, but busy weekend!

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  1. I wish we could see you while you're here! We are heading to PA this week tho! :) Have a great visit!