Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Adventures: With Auntie Jess in the new house!

We've had a fun weekend with Auntie Jess who flew in on Thursday night for the weekend.  Friday was spent at the Oakland Zoo!
Saturday was filled with ballet, a visit to the farmers market, a scenic flight over the bay for Zac and Jess, and hanging out at the house.  Auntie Jess and Kyla also made and frosted super fancy sugar cookies!  This was Kyla's birthday present from Auntie Jess - she loved it!

Sunday was filled with church, a fun picnic at the park that is RIGHT across the street from our house with the Scudder's, and a trip to Smitten ice cream thanks to Auntie Jess.

Each night after the kids head to bed I am doing a childbirth class for Jess.  It's a lot of information, but it's been really fun.

We are all totally moved into our new house!  I've been super busy and haven't taken any pictures!  I will try soon...

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