Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Kyla's Birthday Party and the Guy's Flight Up the Coast!

This weekend we celebrated Kyla, who is turning 5 this coming Friday!  Kyla had a ballerina tea party with seven friends.  She was a great helper getting ready for the party: we served mini tuna salad crackers, mini egg salad crackers, mini apple slices, and of course - cupcakes!  The girls loved the tea (apple juice) in real tea cups, and the party favor was that they got to take their tea cups home!  I can't believe this sweet little ballerina is turning 5 *sigh*
the cupcakes
All ready for the tea party!
Blowing out 5 candles!
While the girls were tea-partying it up, the boys went on a fly out to Booneville!  There were a number of people from Zac's work with planes that were planning a day trip up the coast, so Zac and Keanan hopped in with one of them and had a great time.  Here's some pictures:

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